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How can you bend the Samsung folding mobile phone looks like this long – Sohu digital [mobile phone news in China] double curved screen has gradually been used after more flagship machine, from the advent of mobile phones can be folded far? Maybe next winter, we’ll be able to get in touch with the folding phone. Samsung folding mobile phone patent map recently, foreign media exposure of the Samsung folding mobile phone patent map, which is a full range of multi angle folding cell phone will be placed in front of everyone. Patent map shows that Samsung can be folded in the middle of the phone has a hinge design, it can be folded up the phone. At the same time, the shape of the hinge is similar to the structure of the Microsoft Surface Book. Samsung folding mobile phone patent map due to folding the phone can be folded after the size becomes smaller, so it is easy to carry. Reports from the foreign media is not difficult to see that they are looking forward to seeing the folding mobile phone blossom in 2017. Samsung folded mobile phone patent map based on previous rumors, Samsung’s foldable mobile phone code named Project Valley, may be named Galaxy X. In addition to Samsung, LG also intends to launch folding phone. But rumors that the folding mobile phone Samsung and LG will be 2017 Q3 in order to have a clear, the sale will be more afraid of the night.相关的主题文章:

PS VR global market ushered in SONY entertainment hardware second spring hamimelon

PS VR global market ushered in SONY entertainment hardware second spring? Original title: PS VR global market usher in entertainment hardware second spring in? Reporter Ni Yuqing reported in Guangzhou experienced a dormant, 7 months of October 13th, SONY’s virtual reality device PS (PlayStation) VR finally on sale, the global 42 countries and regions will be listed at the same time. Just 6 days ago, another giant Oculus has just released a new product VR, and the significance of landing PS VR accelerate the popularity of VR hardware devices. At present in the host VR devices, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PS VR Triwizard, but unlike Oculus and HTC, PS VR with SONY PS series game machine available, rather than PC. Given the current cumulative sales of PS4 has more than 40 million units, the industry has considerable confidence in the sales of PS VR. In addition, the price of $399, which greatly reduces the fans purchase threshold, in the view of the fireworks workshop CEO Lou pool, "everything is the price advantage, sales should sum to be more than HTC and Oculus devices." According to the U.S. data agency IHS Markit predicts that by the end of 2016, SONY PS VR sales will reach 1 million 400 thousand units. Continue to streamline the Sony Corp, is trying to lead the entertainment innovation through virtual reality. Once the hegemony of electronic products can continue to glory in the new field, not yet known. PFP route from action tracking PlayStation Move to PS VR, SONY has experienced nearly 6 years of exploration. In the virtual reality in the tide of game giant Nintendo VR helmet Market is not mature, not involved in, SONY is the first to enter the VR market, even with HTC, Oculus. Relative to HTC and Oculus tall, SONY chose a higher cost, more people oriented route. According to SONY official information, PS VR line version of the single price of 2999 yuan, the basic set (PS VR+PS Camera) price of $3299, Camera+PS (PS VR+PS Move) priced at $3699. Focus on the development of VR host game nm technology company founder Li Mingzhao told reporters in twenty-first Century economic report, "just look at the hardware configuration and the absolute experience, PS VR is currently less than HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. But the price is very attractive, HTC from the head of the computer, you need about 20 thousand yuan, while the PS VR plus game consoles, as long as about $6000, is expected to ship shipments will greatly exceed HTC and Oculus products." Zhao Ziming believes that the low price of PS VR will make a lot of swing users choose SONY, this staking behavior on the market to develop user habits is critical. In the console market, as an extension of the PS4 platform, PS VR for Microsoft and Nintendo also相关的主题文章: